Inspirational Lectures on Life

Jonathan Monsarrat is the Guinness World Record winning creator of Soulburners, the art project where 12,000 people have asked questions about life and gotten advice — all written by hand. Here are some clips from his inspirational speeches to a general audience. [featured-video-plus]

Jonathan Monsarrat Long Clips

This longer, 5-minute trailer shows Jonathan Monsarrat’s wisdom in his business lectures and inspirational lectures on life.

“Master Class” Topics

Startup founders need to raise money! In a 2016 survey of startup topics by ENET, the IEEE’s entrepreneurship group in Boston, how to raise money was the #1 topic of interest. Most of my lectures speak to these issues. In my experience with entrepreneurship, I’ve developed some secret techniques that for some reason nobody is teaching in business schools or writing in books on business plans. I show them tricks that they’ve never heard before, inspiring, educating, and mentoring. My lectures are engaging, dynamic, wake-up calls for people eager to get...