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Johnny Monsarrat Business Lectures

Do you run a small business? Then you’re running a marathon and don’t have to time to meander. You need to focus to get where you’re going as directly as possible. In an article for the Boston Globe’s The Hive, Johnny Monsarrat gives his advice on spending money on development wisely in The #1 reason your small business will fail, and then follows it up with a sequel article, The biggest mistake you’re making is putting customers first. Let Johnny Monsarrat speak about business to your group from a wide range...

Susan Moulton

“The reviews are in and you were great! Many thanks again for making the time to come to the Enterprise Center this morning and presenting a terrific workshop. People came away buzzing, and talking about what they had learned, and that is our mission and a great review for you.” “Our organization works with 100’s of small business owners, each year., to give them the knowledge and skills they need to have to grow their companies. Johnny gave a presentation on “How to ID and Capture Your Target Market”. He is...

James Whittaker

I was the Chief Organizer for the 2013 Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship Summit where Johnny was keynote speaker. I had the privilege of introducing Johnny to the audience, and was immediately impressed with his enthusiastic, creative and innovative approach. Johnny is a truly unique individual who had the audience involved and entertained from start to finish. Highly recommended.