“Master Class” Topics

headshot07Startup founders need to raise money! In a 2016 survey of startup topics by ENET, the IEEE’s entrepreneurship group in Boston, how to raise money was the #1 topic of interest.

Most of my lectures speak to these issues. In my experience with entrepreneurship, I’ve developed some secret techniques that for some reason nobody is teaching in business schools or writing in books on business plans.

I show them tricks that they’ve never heard before, inspiring, educating, and mentoring. My lectures are engaging, dynamic, wake-up calls for people eager to get ahead. They are nothing less than master classes in how to thrive in the impossibly competitive world of starting a company.

As well as straight lecturing, I also host workshops, panels, mentor companies, and judge business plan competitions. Usually I’ll take questions from the audience and wrap that into the topic, or ask the audience to role play or talk amongst themselves for a few minutes in a workshop format. These lectures can be formatted to as little as 5 minutes and as long as two hours including several workshop and interactive exercises.

Master Class: The #1 Mistake You’re Making is Putting the Customer First

You’re working too hard for slow growth. But with your small budget, how can you invest in product development? How can you afford fast growth marketing? The solution is that you’re probably investing too much in customer happiness. Of course you should please your customer, but are you pleasing a powerful partner, too?

To grow quickly enough to attract funding, you need to get “talent scouted” by a big partner with the channels, cash, and prestige to take you nationwide or worldwide, a firm that could one day acquire you.

In this master class, you’ll learn one of Johnny Monsarrat’s secrets to success, from theory to practice, with examples, humor, and striking insights from “way beyond” what you normally learn at entrepreneur forums or even getting an MBA. This lecture could transform your entire business. Don’t miss it!

Tame the Tiger: Master Class in Getting the Attention of VIPs

Corporate leaders and other influential people and can make your small business. But how do you get their attention? How do you convince them to put their power to work for you?

You’ll be surprised at the celebrities who will help you if you ask the right way!

In this master class, Johnny Monsarrat shows how to identify the right VIPs, how to build a plan, and then his secret technique to make a connection with a stranger. Then he’ll share best practices for seizing the moment and building a small amount of attention into a business friendship, and how to give off the signals that convey confidence.

Master Class: The #1 Reason Your Small Business Will Fail

Most small companies will fail because of a lack of focus. But when you have so many ideas, how can you extract a revenue model? How do you find the leverage that focus should be based on?

In this master class, Johnny Monsarrat will use real examples from his experience and the audience to help you build and convey the message that gets customers, investors, and partners running to your side. If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, make a bee line to the product that customers will love.

You’ll also learn how to transform a lackluster idea into a powerhouse one with the right technology, the right partnership, or the right cachet. He’ll present 6 simple tricks, any one of which could make your company rich.

Master Class: 10 Ways to Boost Your Charisma

Of course you succeed you need to show substantial value. But people often make emotional decisions, and how you behave while networking or at a business meeting is key. Learning a bit about body language has nothing to do with being phony or manipulative. It’s like trimming your nose hairs: you need to avoid basic mistakes that turn people off. It’s also like putting on a suit: you should take control of the nonverbal messages that you are sending to others, to put your best foot forward.

Do you ever find that someone who should be eager to meet you is just not listening? In this master class, Johnny Monsarrat shows you how to shake hands properly and project confidence with your genuine smile. You’ll learn to read the subtle signals in others that help you bond with them instead of talking past them. How do you approach someone at a networking function? What’s the best way to guide a business meeting? These are skills that every businessperson needs to know, but for some reason aren’t ever taught. Learn them now.

Master Class: Everything You Know About Business Communication is Probably Wrong

Whether it’s an elevator pitch, a long business presentation, or a press release, you need to convey your ideas. Unfortunately most business communication puts people to sleep. If your press release must stand out from the crowd, why you would follow a template style? If you want your business partners (or a large audience) to pay attention to your presentation, why would you load up your slides with text?

Johnny Monsarrat takes you through the best practices of email, social media, presentations, and one-minute pitches in this whirlwind tour of the myths of business communication. You’ll learn how to defeat the number one rule of marketing: people don’t care, so you have to make them care!

About the Speaker

Johnny Monsarrat is the Ivy League award-winning public speaker who was founder and CEO of Turbine, which partnered with Microsoft and was bought by Warner Brothers for $160 million. He has consulted to top executives at General Electric and Citigroup, to Richard Dawkins (celebrity speaker), to billionaire Cyan Banister (Uber investor), and to the nonprofit of billionaire Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller).

See the video testimonials of his public speaking and his accomplishments on LinkedIn.

By necessity, there’s a lot of bragging here, but I’m a grounded guy who is eager to contribute to your community. Please contact me and let’s work out how I can help your group.